Readers react: Weber State hiking its tuition rates by 2.5 percent

Wednesday , April 04, 2018 - 12:57 PM

For the second year in a row, Weber State University will hike its tuition rates. 

Weber State undergraduates who are Utah residents currently pay $4,773 for 30 credits per school year. With the 2.5 percent tuition increase taking effect next academic school year, students will pay $4,892 for 30 credits.

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Non-resident undergraduate students will pay $14,823 for 30 credits in a school year, $362 more than what they currently pay.

The increase comes after the Utah State Board of Regents approved a statewide 1.5 base Tier I tuition hike on March 30 for the eight public institutions in the state, and an additional 1 percent Tier II tuition increase for Weber State.

Last year, Weber State saw a 3.5 percent tuition increase — the first increase in about four years.

We posted two stories on our Facebook page about the expected tuition raises at Weber State. Unsurprisingly, most of our readers weren’t in favor of it. (All comments are copied verbatim.)

Jennifer Ericksen: Ugh! Seriously? College is so expensive for these poor kids who are trying. Why should they have to go into years worth of debt?

Pablo Martinez: All these tuition increases and still not close parking and still have to pay for parking at dee events center

Phillip Swanson: How about cutting wasteful expenses and programs instead of raising tuition costs?

Lisa Cox Northrop: They say... everyone should have an education, yet they price everyone out.

Franni Cumberledge: My first quarter, in 1984, my tuition for 12 hours was 350.00. Books were 100.00

Megan Cower (in reply to Franni Cumberledge): I wish it was still like this. The price for college has gone up very quickly, compared to how much wages have risen.

Brittani Briggs: Ridiculous. I pay so much already and if it hikes I’ll be putting my degree off another year or so.

Stephanie Schwinn: My alma mater ('93). This makes me sad and angry at legislatures that don't appreciate the value of higher ed. I feel bad for students these days. Not right.

Kathy Calton: This really helps the middle class white students who don’t qualify for any aid. Two or three jobs it is!!!

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