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Readers react: McKay-Dee Hospital removes sugary drink options

Wednesday , April 11, 2018 - 5:00 AM


OGDEN — Don’t mess with people’s sugary drink options.

At least that’s the feeling some Standard-Examiner readers had after we published a story about McKay-Dee Hospital opting to eliminate sugar-sweetened beverages. 

“There is all kinds of research that sugary drinks cause health issues,” McKay-Dee spokesperson Chris Dallin explained. “We’re trying to do whatever we can to provide healthy options to our patients and caregivers to encourage them to live the healthiest lives possible.”

But while the drinks will be absent from the hospital’s public cafe and bistros, hospital patients who want a sugar-sweetened drink can still request one from a nurse.

Sugary beverages scarce at McKay-Dee Hospital

Here’s what readers had to say about the change on the Standard-Examiner’s Facebook post and story page. All comments are verbatim.

Julianne Burnett Nielsen: My grandson just had open-heart surgery. I didn't have a car so I would get dropped off by a friend. The hospital is up on the mountainside away from all stores and restaurants. I do drink water and had my water bottle with me. But, I wanted something with umph, like a Pepsi. No such luck. I wanted a snack during the day. Again, no luck. I should be able to make a choice. It's not right that our choices are taken away from us. I am going into the hospital in a few days. I think it would look weird if I carried in a case of Pepsi. Lol

Ashlee Hardy: I'm an adult! I don't need the decisions and opinions of others' forced on me. I've been making my own decisions for 30 years. And guess what? Making my own decisions has not hindered the fact that I'm a functional, independent, society contributing adult. All on my own. Hmmmm. Imagine that. If I want a regular coke, I'll drink a coke. Besides that, fake sugar is so much worse than regular sugar. I can't drink diet. It literally makes me sick. So glad I'm not delivering my baby there.

> War on sugar has food giants vying to shed Stevia's low-cal bite

Jen Boothe Brown: Sometimes if your a sick patient you just want a sprite or Coke.

Della Hughes: No sugar but they will pump you full of fake sugar (aka poison)in the diet drinks that is WAY worse than sugar! Makes sense right?! They want people to be’s better for business.

Trevor Price: Probably not a bad idea. Setting an example.

Deven Johnson: Aspartame has not been found to have any harmful effects unless you're consuming pounds of it. Which is a lot since a can has less than a gram

David Clay: Either way there ought to be a CHOICE. My choice will be to spend my money across the street and bring my own sugar in. Thank you so much IHC for your "concern for my health”

Artificial Sweeteners: No Calories… No Harm?

Brenda Barney Boyle: I work at a hospital in Portland and it’s the same way here

Stephanie Saffell-Wilkinson: It's stupid and it only takes one time of being there to learn you come prepared if you are a soda drinker.

Sherry Ellis Ferrin: Yup! I’m allergic to diet drinks. I don’t agree with their practice.

Julie Moon: It makes me laugh because they still sell pie, cookies, donuts, cinnamon rolls, ice cream ... pretty silly.

Sharon Salvesen Kelley: It's like that out here in Illinois also what's crazy is they'll let you have a diet soda that's full of all those chemicals substitutes that aren't good for your body either.

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