Guns have a way of getting into the wrong hands and destroying lives

Wednesday , April 18, 2018 - 6:00 AM9 comments

Regarding the April 12 letter “Guns don’t kill people. Evil people kill people,” it’s true that a gun doesn’t go off by itself. What’s important to remember, however, is that guns always have a way of getting into the wrong hands and destroying lives. The ridiculous amount of cartridges some magazines can hold, allowing an evil person to commit mass destruction without even having to reload, is horrifying. Is that necessary for the average hunter, who isn’t intent on killing several innocent men, women and children within a few minutes? What kind of prey do hunters need those magazines for?

Airports and courthouses have security measures in place, so why don’t our schools have the same security? Sandy Hook Elementary was a terrible tragedy and nothing has been done since to prevent the same tragedy from happening again. To suggest that “ having goals to improve ourselves” as a solution to gun violence is a far-fetched idea. Try suggesting that to the families of gun violence victims, especially those parents of the elementary children who never got a chance to grow up.

Rena Figved


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