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National Commentary

AP FACT CHECK: Trump on collapse of immigration effort

Fact Check Week

Fact-checking Trump on immigration, unemployment and the cost of American wars in the Middle East.

National Commentary

The agony of the moderate left

Budget Battle-1

Democrats can’t win, writes E.J. Dionne Jr. “If they accept less than a full loaf, they are trashed for not sticking to principle. If they turn down what they are offered, they are accused of obstruction.”

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A military parade is just what America needs

Trump US France

“The parade controversy is another sign that the place of patriotism in our national life, and what that patriotism should consist of, is a Trump-era flashpoint,” writes Rich Lowry.

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The Porter debacle confirms Trump's incompetence

Trump Aide Resigns Porter

“No White House in memory has generated more needless turmoil in its first year,” writes Steve Chapman.

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A bipartisan commitment to increasing debt

Budget Battle-2

But both parties have decided the time for fiscal restraint is past.

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A compromise on immigration that makes sense

Congress Immigration Coons

Sens. John McCain and Chris Coons proposed an immigration bill that accomplishes sensible goals.

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Climate science undercuts EPA chief's views on global warming

EPA Pruitt Fact Check

For most of the country, climate change will be disruptive — bringing more severe heatwaves and droughts, stronger tropical storms and increased coastal flooding.

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The 'family values' crowd is mute on Rob Porter


“It's no laughing matter when leaders who influence the thinking and votes of millions of people become protectors of the most morally depraved administration in modern history,” writes Jennifer Rubin.

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The problem with Trump's parade

Trump State Dinner

“When a leader who often praises strongmen abroad defines routine political opposition as disloyalty to country and then suggests hauling out the military to march in our streets as he looks down from on high, friends of freedom should take notice,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr.

National Commentary

Robert Mueller is no Ken Starr

Trump Russia Probe Mueller

“In an often abnormal time, the most normal thing that's happened over the past six months is that attitudes toward the Mueller investigation have broken down along partisan lines,” writes Rich Lowry.

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